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Leveraging industry expertise
for strategic success


Our expertise enables us to provide comprehensive solutions that take into account the political, economic and social context in which your business operates. Below are some of the industries we have serviced.

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Education: Knowledge and passion for our future

Education is an important issue to us. Equity plays a huge role in our mission. Students having the choice to where to where they can go to schools, whether public or private is one of our goals. We have helped initiate bills to help provide equitable education to underserved communities. With our knowledge of the education system,  it allows us to navigate its complexities with precision and passion.

Public Utilities: Expertly navigating a complex grid of regulations

The public utilities sector is both highly regulated and continually evolving. At Zerímar, we excel in guiding our clients through the complex regulatory landscape of today while ensuring they remain at the forefront of emerging trends that shape the future. Through meticulous monitoring of environmental policies, we empower utility providers with strategies to adapt to renewable energy and sustainability regulations, impacting both their business and the communities they serve. Our comprehensive grasp of the technical intricacies of utility operations enables us to effectively advocate for investments in technology, resilient infrastructure, and cybersecurity, among other priorities.


Developers: Building support to accelerate development

As a future-focused company, we constantly strive to fuel economic growth in the Chicago-area and beyond. Our expertise in various facets of infrastructure development allows us to provide comprehensive support to developers—ultimating accelerating the initiation of new projects. Our support encompasses a wide range of services, including advocating for favorable policies and financial incentives, offering guidance on navigating environmental regulations, and managing public relations, to name a few. We also actively monitor legal and regulatory changes to land use, construction, and real estate, ensuring our clients stay informed and prepared to adapt.

Healthcare: Advocating for the future of healthcare

At Zerímar, our unwavering commitment to public health fuels our passion for advocacy. Our expertise in healthcare policy, regulations, healthcare technology and services allows us to navigate the complexities of the healthcare industry with precision and support our clients’ positions with confidence. By leveraging our relationships with key stakeholders including legislators, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and patient advocacy groups, we build collaborative solutions that positively transform the healthcare industry.


Hospitality: Advocacy at your service

We advocate for issues affecting the hospitality industry at the federal, state and local levels—ensuring your strategic objectives are not just represented but also successfully achieved. Our extensive expertise in navigating the legislative and regulatory landscape surrounding the hospitality sector, encompassing labor laws, licensing, taxation, and government incentives, allows us to offer specialized and comprehensive support at every juncture. Furthermore, our enduring relationships within the hospitality realm have consistently provided our clients with a distinct advantage in having their voices heard and priorities effectively addressed.

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